We are a new company, so our story is pretty fresh. 

It's not too deep yet and we want you to be along for the ride.

Our first designs were created for men and women golfers.  Our looks aren't too funky or crazy.  They are clean and classic, but can be a bit edgy, as well.  They are designed to wear on the course or in a business casual setting.  You can definitely work up a sweat in our clothes, but they also offer comfort, breathability, and a clean aesthetic in the work environment.

We will continue to evolve and introduce innovative styles and fabrics for golfers, but at the same time continue to expand our lifestyle side.

If you're as passionate about golf and sports as we are, you develop a certain love for the  game.  

Jordan Ransdell

It consumes and motivates you to be better. TJ Sport was founded in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a husband and wife team that started in our home office and garage. Because we're still such a small, intimate company, we listen to our customers and enjoy the feedback.

Our styles are obviously influenced from where we live, but also from where we're from.  We're originally from northern Minnesota, where the golf season is only a few months long.  Now that we live in Arizona, we play golf year round.  Our styles are designed to be worn anywhere from a hot, summer day in Arizona to a chilly, fall day in Minnesota. 

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