'Tis the season for traveling! It's summer and many of us are headed for a vacation and that might include hauling our golf bags to keep our personal gear available to play courses on our bucket list.

Whether you're a pro golfer, amateur or beginner, we all face the need to be efficient with our packing.

For tips, we turned to Jordan Ransdell, founding member and Ambassador for TJ Sport, student and Shelton State Golf Team member.

During the school year, Jordan travels an average of 12 times to play in tournaments and other golf events. During the summer, school may slow down, but Jordan keeps rolling to destinations for more tournaments, vacations and practice!

"Something I do to help me prepare for a trip when I pack the essentials is make a list of all the things I have to pack and then have my roommates check it for me. When it comes to my golf bag and gear, I find it helpful to roll all of my clothes, like racerbacks, sun shirts, joggers and tour skirts, instead of folding them. I also put them in order of which days I have to wear them. My favorite golf bag at the moment is my Shelton State Golf bag because it's durable, spacious and represents! Once I'm packed and ready to board, I find that having my Stanley tumbler and snacks with me is vital. I also carry my iPad and Air Pods to stay entertained during the flight. Travelling can be tricky. The toughest trip for me was to Brenham, TX because we had to drive 12 hours in terrible weather. My favorite place to fly to so far is Austin, TX because Austin was beautiful and the golf courses there really tested my game."

We appreciate these tips and insight into travel from a golfer's perspective. And we wish you all safe travels!