It’s not every day that you see the owner of a sportswear company being a caddie for an athlete who she sponsors. But Tara Ransdell is not like other business owners. 

For the second time, Tara is Caddie for Sarah White on The Epson Tour. We followed along as these two hot shots did what they do best at the 2024 Carlisle Arizona Women’s Golf Classic at TPC Scottsdale-Champions Course. 

Before Tara took off for duty, we caught up with her to ask a few questions. 

Q: This is your 2nd time being a caddie for Sarah. Why did you do it and what are you looking forward to most this time? 

A: The first time I caddied for Sarah, she was on a hilly course in Florida and the humidity was at 85-90%. I thought she was at a huge disadvantage having to carry her bag up and down those hills. One of her competitors even sat down at one point halfway up a hill. I honestly love watching golf and I love seeing different players' strategies and how they approach things. I also think it is amazing when as a player, you can just walk the course and have somebody worry about your bag, so I am hoping she can enjoy that too. 

Q: Is there anything you do to prepare for this role? 

A: Honestly, I hope to be hydrated and ready to go. I'll bring a protein bar and some electrolytes. And of course, we had to coordinate our outfits!

Q: Supporting athletes is part of your mission and efforts to promote golf among women. Why is that important to you?

A: I have walked in the shoes of a female athlete in the 80s and 90s and unfortunately, the support was pretty weak compared to males. We still have a long way to go, but I want to be somebody that helps get women athletes to the next level of support and financial funding. If women are not supporting women, it will be hard to get women's sports to the next level.  

Q: What are you and Sarah wearing today? 

A: Day 1, Sarah has picked out the TJ Sport white racerback we customized with "WASTED" down the back, and our Tour Skirt in neon yellow.  

In addition to being a major support to Sarah White, Tara was cheering on Emilee Hoffman and Michaela Finn, also pro-golfers on The Epson Tour. If we didn't know better, we'd wonder if Tara has managed to clone herself. The players and the golf community are appreciative of all that Tara and her brand, TJ Sport, do for the game!